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ICtheNOIZ (I See the Noise) or IC who is the Founder of Abstract World, LLC, a music production company, an artist, sample composer, producer, and hailing from Memphis TN. Since IC was a kid, he has always been drawn to music. His first experiences from films and growing up in the church with his father as a PK, Pastor’s Kid. In film, IC was drawn to tension in the music and how a sound could make or break a scene. In the church, IC was drawn to the way sounds could convey emotions like excitement, happiness, or even sorrow. This over time formed how he creates, drawing from his emotions. If you ask him what his “sound,he would say his sound is “feeling”. Yes, he can sit at his computer and make something specific if needed, but he best works from a blank canvas with him building piece by piece with no destination in mind. I would say, “it's just a feeling, what feels good, feels good.” Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone loves all of the ideas or works that IC makes, but one thing I know people can appreciate is that it's ORIGINAL.
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Memphis, TN

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