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J-CAP is a professional beatboxer from Denmark. He creates innovative content, especially beatbox samples, for professional use. He has worked with several Danish artists, i.e. different freestyle rappers, performing on many different stages. He has a master’s degree in Digital Design from Aarhus University, Denmark, specialized in aesthetics and User-Experience Design. He started beatboxing seriously in 2010 and had his debut show in 2011 in front of the high school he went to. Despite shaking legs, he managed to make a great show with big applause. Suddenly he was known by most students at the high school performing at school parties and other occasions. Later in 2016 he started collaborating with a Danish freestyle rapper with whom he makes entertaining shows and creative workshops in Denmark for especially young people. After many years of making different types of digital content, he started recording his beatbox in 2018 in order to create innovative beatbox samples. In 2022 he produced two beatbox sample packs for Beatclub, and now he’s working on innovative content and collaborates with artists and producers who seek to make their music stand out.
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