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Rudenote aka. Alexander Steiner is a multi instrumentalist & full time Music Producer from Germany. He started to play his first instrument, the guitar, when he was 17 years old and quickly realized, that he doesn't want to do anything else in life than Music. After years has passed, he has worked daily to get better at his craft while he has learned other instruments, like the piano, drum maschine and the bass. After 4 years, he finally learned to produce music and became a certified audio engineer at HOFA Collage. He quit his 9/5 job to do what he loves - Music. Now he has worked with Artists from all over the world, Platinum Producers, Brands and big Companies. Thru his unique style of samples, he is now uploading his compositions to platforms like wavs, landr and sync library platforms. His goal was always to leave a legacy and work with the greatest artists/ producers that he was listening when he was younger. Thus he was so honored when he got accepted to the Beatclub by Timbaland and to work on an exclusive sample pack for Beatclub.
  • Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Producer
  • R&B
  • Hip-Hop
  • Afrobeat
  • Pop

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